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We will provide over 4,700 chemical products to customers in a diverse range of industries. We will buy chemicals in large quantities, such as barge loads, railcars, or full truck loads, and distribute smaller quantities to more than 200,000 customers worldwide.

We source chemicals from more than 3,000 producers, including many premier global manufacturers. We want to partner with suppliers to integrate our service and logistics capabilities into their business processes, promoting collaboration on supply chain optimization, marketing, and other sales strategies.

Our chemicals portfolio includes Acids and Bases, Surfactants, Glycols, Inorganic Compounds, Alcohols, as well as general and other specialty chemicals used extensively throughout hundreds of end markets. We maintain relationships with multiple suppliers to protect our customers against disruptions in supply and to uphold pricing discipline.

We are a U.S.-based and trader of commodity chemicals that focuses on some of the most broadly used chemicals in the world. We provide a unique integrated distribution model, combining bulk and mini-bulk chemical distribution with a global procurement and trading platform.