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We are promoting Solar Powered Generators (As an Authorized Dealer) WORLDWIDE for areas which are not grid connected or where power is rather epileptic. In this world, still about 1.2 billion people (17% of the global population) live without electricity.

About one billion people in the world are served by health facilities that are completely without electricity.

Rural people spend around 30% of their (typical very low) income on fuel-based lighting, which may cause health risks and fire hazards.

Most cities in Africa are exposed to unreliable on-grid electricity, in some cases grid power is not reliable for as many as 100 days per year.

We wish to light people's life with easy, clean, sustainable DC power by this Solar Powered Generators.

Let's efforts on electrifying rural areas, we believe our Solar Powered Generators and Solar Powered Pumps are perfect solutions to accomplish this mission. 

Off-Grid Power Generator Container:

We offer fully customised, insulated and air conditioned power containers for all industry applications.
The containers are fully integrated plug-and-play off-grid systems and with many advantages.

Main benefits:

  • Pre-wired, plug-and-play

  • Quick deployment

  • Cost saving on-site construction

  • High quality and durable

  • Complete energy independence

  • 30KW - 1MW storage capacity


The containerised solar generators can be deployed worldwide. We fit all systems in un-modified, standard shipping container (10', 20' and 40' foot) so we can dispatch the units as normal shipping cargo, keeping costs for transportation low. Everything is packed and stored safely for the journey and simply need re-fitting at the final destination.

Containerized Solar Generators Market: By Application


Containerized Solar Generators Market: By Type

Below 40 KWH
40 – 80 KWH
80 - 150 KWH
Over 150 KWHT

We are pleased to introduce our range of powerful & robust solar surface water pumps up to 3000Wh motors.

Max lift 90 m (295 ft.) (Other capacities also available)

The controller supplied with each pump drives the high efficiency brushless DC pump motor, which uses the latest MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) technology to guarantee maximum flow in all-weather / solar conditions.

Applications: irrigation, water circulation in swimming pools, storage management, aquariums, water in the home, villages, vehicles, rural areas, boats, pure water machinery, water treatment equipment, spray equipment, purification equipment, water cooled systems etc ...


Savings: DC motors, they do not need voltage inverters, direct connection to solar panels with maximum reliability.

Powerful and efficient motors. Without workmen, fuel consumption or constant maintenance.

High resistance to sand and corrosion, high reliability, resistance and extremely long lifespan + 20 years


Other models and capacities available, surface and submersible solar pumps, engines up to 40 HP / 30Kw DC

Contact us for delivery pricing including shipping and product installations.