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The company executives has been in business for many years, as a designer of solar electric systems for maximum efficiency regardless of location worldwide. It is advisable to have a system designed specifically for your location. Permit and system approval must be obtained from your local authority prior to installation.

We designed solar systems for various applications. Our customers include the military, federal, state, city, municipal utilities and businesses.The solar electric applications range from residential and commercial utility-connected systems, to stand-alone for telecom, telemetry, UPS systems, industrial mining operations, and many others.We have designed systems ranging in size from a single panel to some of the largest systems ever installed.

Our network includes licensed electrical, roofing and plumbing contractors with years of experience in system design, integration, installation and diagnostics. Solar power can be used anywhere one needs a power supply. Solar system is used throughout the world in various applications. Whether the solar system provides power for rural electrification in Africa or is integrated into a commercial building in the Americas, Europe or Asia.

Battery option:

With batteries added to your system, extra electricity produced by your system is captured in the high capacity batteries for later use. This option is a perfect solution for locations that do not have easy access to a utility grid or are located in areas that experience frequent outages. 
Domestic Hot Water:

Solar hot water systems are most commonly used to heat water for basic household needs. These systems are commonly referred to as "domestic hot water systems".


Each solar system is a unique, customized system based on kilowatts required, the price varies from applications to applications, system sizing, local permitting, installation requirements, and roof size, type and layout all influence the cost of a solar system.

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