ICU Ventilator model: CPV-902837 NMI50 now available for sale directly to Hospitals !!!


      The below Disinfectant Channel are also available for sale to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic worldwide.

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Mobile detection gate

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This Robocop-style headgear can screen out potential coronavirus carriers.

Police and epidemic control units can now screen out potential coronavirus carriers with the help of futuristic-looking smart helmets. This police smart helmets that can quickly measure body temperature in crowds. The infrared cameras attached to the N901 helmets enable wearers to measure temperature from up to five meters away. They can scan QR codes and have facial recognition.

In addition to including AR glasses, the helmets are also equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 5G connectivity. The helmets are already being used in Chinese cities. The helmets are light, too, thanks to its specially engineered metamaterials.


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